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“Polar Day Lights up the World” activity

Release time:2024-02-05

✨“Polar Day Lights up the World” activity is coming✨

Witnessing the world's landscape with the Polar Day series

Light up the world with the Polar Day series

Tiandy's "Light up the world with Polar Day" global event is officially opened!

Since the Polar Day series launched, Tiandy's "Daylight" series has won wide attention from those who work in the security industry. Polar Day series continues to set new visual benchmarks in the industry!

Details of the event

1. Scope of participation: Tiandy global partners
2. Duration of the event: 8 November 2023 - 15 December 2023
3. Products: Tiandy Polar Day Series Cameras
4. Requirements: Conducting offline night surveys using local landmarks or points of interest as targets and creating a 24-hour time-lapse video of the polar day.

Customers who provide video footage as requested:
1. A social media collection of 50 likes/retweets/comments will be given a Polar Day camera (before 15 December 2023 to provide social media screenshots);
2. Additional $100 bonus for customers who judge the Top 5 results;

For partners who want to participate in our activity, you can contact our sales managers for the different countries and regions.