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2023 AK Action Tiandy Night Overseas Partner Event Successfully Held

Release time:2024-02-05

On 26th October, Tiandy's overseas partner event, "2023 AK Action Tiandy Night", was held in Shenzhen, China, where overseas partners from more than 80 countries gathered to share the AK feast. Mr Dai Lin, the leader of Tiandy, delivered a speech for the ceremony, in which he elaborated on Tiandy's concept of overseas market development and its confidence in the global market. He explained the core value of the "Builder" of Tiandy to overseas partners. He expressed his willingness to build a solid platform for international partners to grow and develop together and to promote the digital transformation of the global security market jointly.


In the presence of overseas partners, Tiandy re-launched the new AK series products. Sean Li, Vice President of Marketing and President of OBG of Tiandy, said in his speech that since its debut in August, the AK series products have received extensive attention from global customers and have been invited to launch market promotion in more than a hundred countries, which has gained a high degree of recognition from overseas users. The AK series, which shoulders the glorious mission of the global analog end, will be the first to lead the era's inflexion point and achieve comprehensive digital replacement.


Daniel Pang, Vice President of Tiandy OBG, introduced in detail the product strategy for the international market and the company's strong support in quality and delivery. Winjoe Liu, Vice President of Tiandy OBG, vividly introduced this year's marketing policies and achievements and thanked the partners for their recognition and support. At the same time, partners also had an in-depth product experience, which allowed partners to truly feel the leading technology of the AK and Polar Day series and Tiandy's precision manufacturing and craftsmanship. The event presented awards to outstanding partners, and partners from different countries and regions shared Tiandy's local market situation and showed their confidence in cooperating with Tiandy.

After the new product launch, a unique Tiandy beach party was held. The multi-talented staff of Tiandy presented the partners with Chinese-style singing and dancing performances, which fully demonstrated the oriental style. The Chinese lion dance programme showed the power of China, and the partners of different languages from different countries sang, danced and raised their glasses together to enjoy the feast. One of the Tiandy's partners said, "Thank you very much for the Tiandy's hospitality. I have also felt Tiandy's enthusiasm and sincerity from this conference, and I look forward to working with Tiandy."


China's security market has been the first to achieve the end of the analogue era. However, global security digitization is still some distance away, and analogue cameras in overseas markets still occupy much market share. Through this ceremony, we officially issued the revolutionary initiative of "AK Action, Analog Killer!" to the world and promoted global security from analog to digital comprehensive replacement. We look forward to and believe this event will promote more "China Smart" into the global security vision, bringing more intelligent, efficient and safe security applications to the world.